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Tafari Music specializes in a creative, business-minded and personalized approach to both Music Publishing and Publishing Administration.

To individual artists, we offer our services of protecting and promoting your music in the US and abroad. The publishers that we have chosen to represent our songs across the world are:
Sony Music, Japan - , Gallo Music, South Africa -, Peer Music, Canada -, Jack Russell Music, United Kingdom, Talpa Music, Europe (excluding the United Kingdom and Ireland) -

To independent publishers, we offer our partnership in global copyright protection and promotion, treating your catalog as though it were our own.

To the entertainment industry, we offer quick and easy music licensing for all industry uses, including movies, television, and advertising.

Our services include:

  • Registrations – Copyright and Performing Rights Society Registration
    We take care of filing with the US Copyright Office, and assure the copyright protection of your work both in the US and abroad
  • Licensing – Both Mechanical and Synchronization
    We license your work for use in motion pictures, television, video games, web programs, advertisements, and all other forms of public entertainment all over the world, and we offer quick licensing agreements to the entertainment industry
  • Royalty Collection and Distribution
    We work with the performing rights associations, including ASCAP and BMI, to ensure that royalties are collected for every public use of your music
  • Promotion
    We market your music to the entire entertainment industry


With Tafari Music, you'll discover our exceptional ability to balance the "big picture" of industry rankings, international marketing and state of the art accounting with our meticulous approach to tracking licenses and collecting royalties. We invite you to take a look at our Artist & Writers, Publishing, and Featured Placements pages to get a feel for the kinds of artists we represent and the relationships we maintain. Please feel free to email or give us a call to discuss any questions you may have!

Or call us at 301-588-0950